Southern Oregon Fishing Trips

Jonny Mead’s Guide Service

Fishing Southern Oregon’s Majestic Rivers

“Providing the most enjoyable fishing experience”

Having fished all his life Jonny is also a river guide for raft trips for the past fourteen years, making him very familiar to the Southern Oregon rivers and where to get the best results while fishing for all of your Southern Oregon fishing guided trips.

Southern Oregon Fishing Schedule

Jonny Mead’s Guide Service for September – October, he does Bug N Bubble fishing and uses traditional spinning rods, with a bobber and flys that match the hatch.

Through the Fall and Winter Jonny Mead’s Guide Service primarily does guides on the Rogue, Umpqua, Coos, Sixes, Elk, and Coquille Rivers.


 Winter, November through December Jonny Mead’s Guide Service fishes Salmon on the Coastal rivers, of Elks, Sixes, and Coquille.

January – February  Jonny Mead’s Guide Service fishes for Steelhead in the Rogue and also the Coastal Rivers.

Off-Season; March through August Jonny can normally be found rafting the Rogue River, BUT…

Summer Months

Through the Summer months you can schedule guided rafting trips and guided Small Mouth Bass fishing trips.

Whether you like blood pumping adventure or a more relaxing ride down a river of scenery, Jonny will make it a day to remember.


Summer Fishing

Small Mouth Bass can be caught all summer long and Jonny knows the best spots to get that done.

If you like the thrill of reeling in large catches and would rather fish when it is warn, a Small Mouth Bass fishing excursion will be a load (of fish) of fun,

Your Southern Oregon Fishing Trip Includes:
  • Jonny Mead’s Guide Service provides all equipment for one person and two person fishing guided trips.
  • Summer trips can accommodate additional riders (ask for specific guidelines)
  • Snacks and water are provided (please provide list of any food allergies).
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.
  • Registered with the Oregon State US Marine Board
  • US Coast Guide
  • Registered as an Oregon Outfitter Guide # 3218


Steelhead are an ocean going rainbow trout that spend much of their lives in the ocean and migrate into the rivers for a short time before they spawn and then return back to the ocean. They are a fabulous sport fish, which fight hard. Fly-fishing as well as conventional techniques work well fishing for Steelhead.


Newborn Steelhead stay in the rivers until they reach about seven inches long. The young Steelhead then swim to the ocean where they remain for two to three years. Others called Half Pounders, after only a couple months return to the rivers. When you catch a Half-Pounder, don’t be disappointed when they only weigh-in at around two pounds, despite their name.



Spring Chinook “Springers” are prized by anglers for their fight and taste. The Rogue River is Springers heaven in the early spring, typically weighing in at twenty to fifty pounds.

Fall Chinook “King Salmon” averaging between thirty five pounds all the way up to sixty five pounds, making them the largest salmon species in North America.

The King Salmon is blue-green, red or purple on its back to the top of its head. Chinook may spend 1-8 years in the ocean before returning to their home rivers to spawn. They also undergo noticeable changes as they prepare to spawn.

Coho “SilversSalmon runs typically in late fall through November. They are usually bright blue with a silver body. Their sides take on a blush to deep red color as they swim up the river to spawn.

Small Mouth Bass

Small Mouth Bass “Smallie” is a great spring and summer fishing trip with the kids or someone who like quantity over size.

It is not unreasonable to catch over one hundred Small Mouth Bass on a single day fishing trip.



In the majestic Southern Oregon rivers you will find Rainbow trout, known for their unique coloring of silver, pink and red stripes along the sides. Cutthroat trout have red-to-orange markings under their jaws, which gives them the name “cut throat”. They are an aggressive fish. They are quite fun catch. Trout feed on minnows, crayfish, and insects.