About Jonny Mead

Jonny Mead’s Guide Service

I spent my youth fishing rivers, lakes and ponds throughout Southern Oregon. I usually had my dad, grandpa or another family member by my side. Many of my weekends and summers were spent fishing at Sturgils Boil Hole on the Rogue River and at my great uncle Virgil’s house.

I ended up getting my grandfather’s 1964 Riveted Aluminum Smoker Craft drift boat. That drift boat paired with my childhood memories inspired my absolute passion I have for fishing rivers today.


I love the opportunity to share Southern Oregon’s rich fishing history. I might also add a few stories about my childhood on the Rogue River and other trips on other great rivers and lakes. This is truly a dream career.

It is my privilege to possibly create one of your lasting memories that you can share with your family and friends.

I’m Looking forward to spending a beautiful day on the water with you and possibly a companion.